Ladies, gentlemen, and wrestling-fans all around the ring, as you know we are always pleased to welcome on our website people who are real pathfinders and stereotype-breakers in the fields of art, film-industry, entertainment, music and so on… Therefore we are truly honored to introduce to you Mr. Adrian Street: a former professional wrestler whose impressive career fits perfectly our goal. Do you have the impression of having heard his name in relation to movies and rock and roll music as well?… You are right. Follow us in this stunning interview! We will be forever grateful to Mr. Claudio Delia aka Mefisto, bone-bending wrestler in Total Combat Wrestling and heart-stopping horror-rock singer in The Killerfreaks band, for his essential help: without him there would never have been this interview!
How did you get the idea of creating such a strong and controversial character? Were you inspired by someone in particular, for example by Gorgeous George?
I have never been a fan of Gorgeous George – my inspiration came from ‘Nature-boy’ Buddy Rogers – but my effort to emulate his style was not understood by my British fans, instead of cheering as I imagined they would, they blew kisses – I would not let them see I was upset with their response, so I threw it back in their faces, by adopting an effeminate image – Later when I thought about it, I thought that was not the response I was hoping for, but it was much greater response than any of the other wrestlers got that night. So rather than fight against it, I not only decided to go with the flow, I also continued to push the envelope until I invented the full blown persona of ‘Exotic Adrian Street’.
What kind of music did you listen to when you were young? Has this music from the past influenced your songs?
The kind of music I liked when I was young was ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ – Elvis – Jerry Lee Lewis – Little Richard – Fats Domino – I also liked opera and classical music – I suppose it might have influenced my own music. My oldest son – Adrian Stranik is the lead singer in both ‘The Broadway Twisters’ and ‘The Silver Brazilians’ – I am a big fan of them.

What did you think when the Glam rockers started to dress up in a way similar to yours?
Glam rockers? – well they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
What differences did you notice in wrestling, when you arrived in the USA?
Well the rules in the USA differ quite a bit from Britain – also Technically British Wrestlers were FAR superior to all but a very few American wrestlers.

In 2019 you were a guest at WWE, at NXT Training Center. What did you think of the British new school?
I was very-very impressed with the WWF NXT training Center – very good that most of the trainers were great British wrestlers – Steven Regal – David Taylor – Johnny Saint – also a very excellent American Wrestler John Moss – the WWE have that one dead on – if you want to be the best – learn from the best.

Even if you did not take part in WWF,  many people hope you will be accepted in the WWE Hall of Fame.  Is it possible you will be included in the roll of honor?
I am in a number of Hall of Fames – the WWE would be a very nice addition to the list.

Have you ever met the most famous Glam rock musicians?
The Glam Rock musicians I’ve met are Gary Glitter – Oingo Bongo – The Cramps – I was also once on stage with Chuck Berry – not as a performer but as a bodyguard to protect him from a very rowdy crowd when he appeared in Manchester. I stood right beside him for his entire performance. I used to chase the Beatles out of the dressing room area in Liverpool Stadium when they came back there looking for Wrestlers autographs and having their photos taken with their wrestling favorites.

Your  famous photo session in a mine has inspired the film Zoolander. Have you ever seen it? What is your opinion about it?
Ha-ha – yes, I just watched ‘Zoolander 1 and 2’ again the other night, and yes he did have that ‘look’ ha ha – Very amusing.
You have worked in the production of “The Canterbury Tales”. What are your remembrances about Pasolini?
‘Canterbury Tales’ Pasolini was ok – his brother was a nutcase – he used to bully the lesser actors whenever he directed – he once took a wooden clog off his foot and threw it at another actor who was on horseback next to me – it split his mouth wide open. I f he had done that to me, he would have swallowed that wooden clog whole along with all his teeth.

You have always brought on the ring an unpleasant character, notorious for being a narcissist and for behaving in a sexist way towards his assistant Miss Linda, and nobody suspected you were a couple. Did you use to keep your “Kayfabe” (mantenere le distanze, ndr) in public?
Yes, we always kept kayfabe in public.

What do you remember about Macho Man Randi Savage and about your feud with him? How many times did you fight against each other?
Macho Man Randy Savage was a great athlete – he played pro Baseball before he was a pro wrestler. His father Angelo Poffo and his brother Lanny Poffo were also pro wrestlers. Randy was very wild in the ring, but my superior wrestling was enough to keep him under control. I wrestled him very many times, I don’t remember how many.

In Italy wrestling is relatively young, as a sport, but thanks to the internet is is becoming famous also in our country. Have you ever been to Italy? Would you like to give your regards to Claudio Delia,  aka Mefisto, a TCW wrestler, who has been a die-hard fan of yours since he saw Grunt! The wrestling movie when he was a kid.
I have never been outside the airport in Italy en route to some other country. Miss Linda’s Sister Anne lives near Lake Como. My very best regards to Claudio Delia, aka Mefisto, who is a great fan of mine.

How has it been for a medium-height person like you to assert himself among “giants”?
I was told that I was far too small to wrestle in the USA – once again I proved everyone wrong – superior wrestling is a much better weapon than colossal bulk.

The documentary “You may be pretty but I’m beautiful – the Adrian Street story” has just been released on Amazon Video UK. Do you think is will be released in Italy, too?
The documentary film ‘You may be pretty but I am beautiful’ will be eventually released everywhere according to Producer/Director Joann Randels.
You have written several autobiographical books. Can you give us some more information about them? What period of your life are they about? Is it possible to buy them?
I have written a 7 volume autobiography – it covers the period from the time I was born [5th December 1940] while Britain was torn by war, right up until just before Linda and I left the USA and returned to Wales, the country of my birth. The books are available on Amazon – Kindle – Nook or directly from me via message on Facebook if they are to be autographed.

Thank you so much  from the staff of ART OVER COVERS for answering our questions!
It was my pleasure to answer all the questions from the staff at Art Over Covers, thank you.

Si ringrazia per la preziosa collaborazione sulla traduzione Maria Macchia