I Borderline Bob sono nati alla fine del 2017 a Varsavia, Polonia. Da progetto collaterale, è diventato un gruppo completo e affiatato. La band debutta, nel 2018, con l’EP “Frontolimbic” e nel 2019 esce un secondo EP intitolato “Sound of the Trees”. La musica è un mix di rock, ambient e atmosfere alternative. In questa intervista in inglese scopriremo di più sulla loro storia, le copertine dei loro Ep e sui loro gusti figurativi!

Hello guys and welcome on Art Over Covers! Tell us about your band!
We are a music band formed in 2017 In Warsaw Poland. Our music is a mixture of ambient and rock with strange twists. At first it was a side project for everybody, all members had other bands, but with time it changed into a main band for us. Band members are Bobydick(guitar, vocals), Barb(vocals, piano), Lukas(Bass) and Damian(drums). After short time we decided to record something in a small studio – to check out how it will sound and try to get some experience as a band. We ended up recording “Frontolimbic” in 2018 – a 3 piece EP with atmospheric alt ambient rock(or whatever u wanna call it). We played some shows and tried not to waste time – in 2019 we recorded “Sound of the Trees” our next EP. Right now we are booking new shows and working on a new material.

How much important is the look for your music?
Music is our main priority, probably because none of us can draw 😉 but definitely it is a big part. It`s very cool when cover art and music come together – but it`s all relative – everyone has a different taste. We always wanted to have the whole cover art (not only covers) for our music. We hope that in the future we will manage to do it and find someone who would like to work with us on that.

Would you like to describe us the artwork of Your last album “Sound of the Trees“, and tell us about how it has been made?
Cover art was made by Pawel Oleszkiewicz – portalography.com Check out his work!
We chose it from many other pictures and photos. We like the mix of nature and psychedelic twist of the cover as it nicely represents our music. We love contact with nature and good vibes it gives to humans
It seems that ou you care a lot about the planet, wht do you think concerning the situation of the Earth nowadays?
It is a very complicated issue that is very close to our harts. In general we think that the Earth is overexploited by humans and not enough is done to stop the situation. Somewhere on the way people lost their way and got disconnected from nature, now we are far out – blinded by the greed and fixation on possessing things, we devour the planet.

Your previous work “Frontolimbic” has a dark and fashinating cover, could You tell us something about it?
Cover art for Frontolimbic was made by our talented friend Kerighan (www.deviantart.com/kerighan/gallery). It wasn`t made specially for us, we just fell in love with this one – the look of it – colors, vibe, and that it was a lady. It fits to the dark vibe of Sunrise and Mazed. That art is really great, it`s a great picture.
Does it have a differente message or it is only an aestethic choice?
Mostly aesthetic we like to think of our planet as a lady so it was a fit

From which things you take inspiration for your artworks?
We try to choose something that will somehow describe our music and most of us like. It`s not easy because every band member has different taste, so coming to an agreement takes time and energy 🙂

Have you ever bought a CD just because of its cover art?
In the old times yes (90`s, early 2000) – when u couldn`t check everything online. When a cd had a sick cover u sometimes would go for it. Let`s not talk about legitimacy of those cds, eastern Europe had it`s charm in that time 😉 But nowadays – nah.

Which is your favorite color? Why?
There is four of us but we all agree GREEN is our color. Reminds us of trees and grass on beatiful free day

Which are your favorite album artworks?
Pantera – “Great Southern Trendkill”
Cypress Hill – all of their albums got sick stuff
GoGo Penguin – “Man Made Object”
Bruce Dickinson – “Chemical Wedding”, “Accidental Birth”
QotSA – “…Like Clockwork”, ” Villains”
Iced Earth – “The Dark Saga”
NIN – ” With teeth”
Tool – “Aenima”
Wes Borland – “Crystal Machete”
Iron Maiden – many of them
Is there an artist you would be happy to work with?
There are so many artist – maybe Jakub Różalski (Mr. Werewolf), Todd Mcfarlane, Derek Riggs and many other not known guys and girls.
Your favorite visual artists/photographers.
Salvador Dalì, Todd McFarlane, M. C. Escher, Rothko, Beksiński,Banksy, Frida Kahlo
Freedom of expression, tell us something you want to say!
Go green!