-Introduzione e intervista a cura di Sara “Shifter” Pellucchi-
Leatherjacks is the art name of Mauro Cordeiro’s solo project. Singer, writer, multi-instrumentalist and creator of a musical one-man band that blends the best of modern hard rock with traditional heavy metal directly from São Paulo – Brazil. In 2017 he debuted with his first full-length entitled “The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll”: an album made of an innovative modern rock with a very interesting cover art told by the artist himself. In this interview Mauro will also talk about his artistic and musical orientations!

Hello Mauro and welcome to our website Art Over Covers! Tell us about your one-mand band!
Hello Sara and everyone! Leatherjacks is a project I created in 2016 as a one man band, but actually I want it to be an entire band someday for sure, with 4 or 5 creative minds working together. I did an entire album by myself, “The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll” and also did some singles. And its a really painful and tough work. So wont repeat it for a goot time haha! But anyway, this is Leatherjacks, and it Rocks!

How much important is the look for your project?
I totally understand that the look, both in therms of stage clothing and logos, album sleeves, are all conected to each other. As a Graphic Designer, I always try to create and build the coolest visuals as possible, but I actually need a Personal Rock Stilist. Does any girl want to subscribe? Haha, Kiddin’. But I’m developing some cool new looks and custom clothing for upcoming shows, and hopefully, a complete band.

Would you like to describe us the artwork of Your first release “The Lost Arks of Rock and roll”, and tell us about how it has been made?
The cover was concepted by myself and illustrated by Milena Buzzinaro, a 20ys old awesome Illustrator from São Paulo, my city, and its about a kind of Indiana Jones character, unravelling and discovering a sacred Ark or Temple, and he stole it’s sacred Guitar, and some another treasures, and the character kindda discovered the lost and secret music recipes to build Leatherjacks. There are also lots of songs references digested on the album cover. There are golden crocodile statues, referring to “Crocodile’s Heart” song. The guy and his girlfriend are with Leather Jackets, the Temple is representing “The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll” itself. So its a very cool sleeve I hope to see in a hige LP sleece someday!
You have told that if You discover these trasures of rock and roll, you can be a rockstar; can You explain this concept to our readers?
The concept is actually simple. You must feel and discover these treasures inside of you! If you love God, Music, Rock N Roll, your family and friends, you have it all! Being a Rockstar is not being an Anti Hero or something. I totally believe its the complete Opposite of it. Of course that when you step on stage, you’re a Character, but I’m not into being crazy and do awful things to the world and people around me, to prove I’m a Rockstar by shocking people. Its all about love, peace, music, and Union.

For You which are the treasures of rock and roll?
The trasures in my opinion are the gift to play music (I totally believe God gives musicians a divine sparkle, an unique gift), the visuals, the attitude (Not bad ones, No drugs. Never), Simply be yourself, Be Humble, Creative and Original. If you really Love music and Rock And Roll, if you’re Humble and unite people around you, and around a common sense of Union, you discovered the Treasures on this Ark.

How You consider the rock and roll scene nowadays?
I think Rock’s never dead unless you really want it to be dead. In my opinion Rock always fights the mainstream media, boy bands, pop and shit like that. Internet are so disposable, you don’t even know who’s our “2019’s new artist” or who’s gonna play on that shitty Lolapalooza or Rock In Rio, you know? So they call it Rock, but its definately Not. Rock never was, isn’t, and will never be dead as long as there are kids, teens and guys like me, who truly picks a guitar, plug it in, and make that fuckin’ rebel noise! I totally believe that.

You have mentioned Indiana Jones for Your artwork; so You are a ’80s movies lover or You like adventures?
I am a complete geek and 80s movies lover. I mean… I was born in 85, so I grew up in the 90s, you know… A kindda GTA Vice City vibe, colorful everywhere, with awesome cartoons sush as the Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, Thundercats, He-Man… Even the soundtracks always inspired me, always had chills when He-Man opening appeared on TV! Indiana Jones, Back To The Future, Home Alone… Wow so many cool stuff! Video Games…. Lot to mention in one question haha! I really lived that old times and had such a wonderful, unforgettable childhood, so to say. Thank God.
It seems that You are a kind of nostaglic person, and You are so young! Would you like to take a trip into the past? If yes, in what age?
Absolutely YES! If that were possible, I’d teleport to a 1977 Los Angeles, would live next to Whisky A Go-Go pub and would make Leatherjacks HUGE worldwide. But anyway, there’s not a problem at all, cause I’ll make it happen in 2020 or something! My Timeeee! Haha
How did You met the artist Milena Buzzinaro, what was it like collaborating with her?
I met her in my parallel work as a 3D | 2D Animator, Googling illustrators for a Job. We kept talking and she turned into a great colleague, and then when Leatherjacks appeared, I always knew SHE was the one to make that sleeve. A huge talent!

What do you want to express through your artworks and videos?
Adventure, Originality, a little Rock Savagery spice, maybe something Exotic, but also unite people on it to enjoy one of the coolest bands they’ve ever heard.

Have you ever bought a CD just because of its artwork?
Hum… I don’t think so. I always used to go to stores and take a listen on headphones, testing track by track and checking if it’s worth.

Which is your favorite color? Why?
Hard question, but I love Black, Light Blue, Orange and Cherry Red!

Which are your favorite album artworks?
My 10 list (not necessairly a top 10 queue) is:
1 – Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time (Derek Riggs is a master to me!!)
2 – Aerosmith – Nine Lives (I LOVE Victorian Art based on 18th Century.
3 – Rainbow – Rising – Simply Awesome.
4 – Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell – Unique.
5 – DIO – Holy Diver – That Art… Surreal.
6 – Asia – Alpha – One of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen. I feel as being teleported to another planet, literally! So futuristic, awesome!
7 – Halestorm – The First Album – Awesome Cover, also Victorian style.
8 – Battle Beast – Bringer Of Pain – love this album cover too!
9 – Rainbow – Long Live Rock N Roll – Its awesome the idea of seeing all faces emerging from a single Hair Line!
10 – Andddd… Leatherjacks – The Lost Arks Of Rock And Roll, of course, ‘cause Milena did an unique and incredible artwork that deserves to be kept in History!
Your favorite visual artists/photographers.
Ahh, so many haha! Ross Halfin and Derek Riggs, the fusion between Photography and Illustration, awesome references I follow. In Animation I’d say Eric Goldberg, Tartakowsky, Richard Williams, Ken Harris, Chuck Jones, Glenn Keane, so many ones. I only know one thing: We All Rock! Thank you all very very much!