– Introduction by Matteo Antonelli –
(Masked Dead Records: https://maskedeadrecords.bandcamp.com/)

Directly from the swiss dark lands, Darkoustix is here: the king of the weirdos, a bizarre creature having fun creating spooky and frolic videos over his dark and funny music. Let’s enter in the grimly mind and in the ironic thoughts of this unique, demented artist.

– Interview by Sara “Shifter” Pellucchi –
Hello Darkoustix! Tell us about your one mand band!

Darkoustix was born at a gothic party here in Zürich. A friend of mine had offered me money to release the reggae album I was then working on, I had found a Jamaican band to perform it and, after a phone with their manager who told me my reggae was “soooo daaaark” that the musicians would have to change it, I decided to go to a Gothic party once again, after so many years (I used to be the singer of a Gothic Metal band named “Trom”). I found the music so great, so poetic, in so many different languages, the girls so delicious and the men so respectful and discreet (here gothic people say “Sorry” if they inadvertently touch you when dancing…), both so elegantly, nicely and originally dressed, which was so different and better than the reggae scene I was haunting in this time, that I decided to use the money to buy new audio material and compose a gothic album instead.

How much important is the look for your project?
The look is important in the sense that I like it to change for every video, as video is the way I chose to attract listeners (I don’t make concerts anymore, having tried it alone on stage and having found it boring, at least for me and that’s the most important, isn’t it?), so I use different make ups or none, different costumes, hats, wigs and masks, varying from outdoor to green screen as a background, sometimes adding feminine models or a friend and trying every effect on my video program. To sum it up, the look is very important for me as it is a way to have fun making videos.

Would you like to describe us the artwork of “Gate”, and tell us about how it has been made?
Thought it was better to ask the author himself, Matteo Antonelli, so here’s his answer: «Gate’s artwork has been made in two hot summer days back in 2016 (Gate is 2017). It was meant to be the artwork of another band’s t-shirt, but because of some problems that project went bad and nothing has been made. So, now we have it here».

What does represents the lantern in front of the moon?
According to Matteo «it represents a part of the essence of the night’s light. The lantern captures the dreary, gloomy and spooky moon’s light, using it to reach a new level of shiny darkness». According to me it represents a door to a surreal universe.

Why have you chosen to work with Matteo for this artwork?
I actually didn’t work with him, he made it on his own long before and I asked him to use it for the cover, mainly for two reasons:
1: This artwork is so beautiful, pure, obscure, original, mysterious and inspiring that I thought it would perfectly suit my style.
2: On this album there’s a hit song named “La Luna”, which is a Spanish nursery song about the moon and my first ever in Spanish, made at the request of Mexican fans who asked me for a song in their language, that it made it even more perfect.
I saw some videos of yours; they are very original, targeted to attract the listener and watcher. What inspires you?
More and more, as I’m slowly but sure building my style, I’m finding out I’m very inspired by the Surrealists (Dali, Magritte, Ernst for the painters, but as I also read a lot of Breton, Rimbaud and Vian so their poetry must play its part). Also people like Charles Bukowski, H.P. Lovecraft, Donald Trump, Stanley Kubrick, Philip K. Dick and Jean Cocteau inspire me for their larger than life creations. As I like to make something new and surprising every time (I hate to repeat myself), or as you say “original”, their fantastic work shows everything is possible in the art of creation. One just have to think about it and work to make it real.

What do you want to express through your artworks and videos?
Nothing but freedom. My videos are made to promote my music and for me to have fun making them, which will hopefully bring fun and wish for more to the watchers.

Have you ever bought a CD just because of its artwork?
No, but I used to hang some of my favorite vinyls’ artworks on my walls.

Which is your favorite color? Why?
Purple, probably because it’s deep and colorful without being flashy, but it’s hard to say exactly why.

Which are your favorite album artworks?
Clan Of Xymox – “Medusa”, Dead Can Dance –“ Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun”, Red Harvest – “Greater Darkness”.
Is there an artist you would be happy to work with?
There is indeed a Polish model named Elizabeth I would like to have in one of my videos. Future will say if I find the will to make it happen. Even if there are many artists I like, I wouldn’t want to work with them. People in general being very difficult to work with, especially in the art field, I mostly prefer to work alone as it allows me to express myself without boundaries.
By the way, I already worked with my friends Roger, Wolfgang, Patrick, Léonore, Séraphine, Victoria and Nathalie on videos, and with Matteo for some vocals on my next album. Please take note I might be happy to work with anyone interested, so if you know someone,don’t hesitate to give him or her my contact.

Your favorite visual artists/photographers.
Concerning visual arts I’m actually much more into cinema than paintings or photographs, so adding to the surrealist painters mentioned above, I remember having loved Munch, Klimt, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Monnet, Manet, Arcimboldo, Turner, Kahlo, and Goya, while unfortunately knowing nothing neither about photographs nor modern painters. As cineasts my favorites are Greenaway, Kubrick and Eastwood, mainly for the high quality of their images.